GENERAL ASSEMBLY by: EAAE. Published: November 4, 2022.

EAAE Annual Conference and General Assembly, Torino, 30.08. – 01.09.2023 

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EAAE Annual conference School of Architecture(s)

2023 Annual Conference of the European Association for Architectural Education will take place as an in presence event including keynote lectures, round tables and paper sessions. Plenary sessions and keynotes speeches will be available on streaming.

The deadline for the abstract submission is 7th April 2023.

EAAE General Assembly

2023 General Assembly of the European Association for Architectural Education will take place as a hybrid event.

The Conference and the General Assembly are hosted by the DAD Department of Architecture and Design of the Politecnico di Torino (Italy).


The Torino EAAE Annual Conference 2023 titled School of Architecture(s), will focus on the plurality of architecture as a discipline and on the role of architectural education in training, questioning, and practicing this plurality.

Architecture as a discipline entangles multiple interactions between the physical world, technology, and the organisation of the cultural and social environment of the profession, but its multidisciplinary character is not the only multi-dimension to be investigated. In the era of post-architecture, moving towards an autonomous subjectivity, opening up the field, and questioning the plurality of the discipline is crucial: not just Architecture but Architecture(s). Furthermore, European Schools of Architecture offer a wide variety of meanings of the term Architecture in their curricula. For all these reasons, it is urgent to discuss a broadening of the term itself to understand the positioning of architectural education in the contemporary global world.

The conference is an invitation to think differently, reflecting upon the context of the discipline to understand the knowledge of the future, focusing on the question: what is Architecture in the age often described as post-architecture?

Considering how antagonist characters polarize human knowledge and that architectural practice is moving towards an autonomous subjectivity, architecture can be understood as a tension between dichotomies leading to a new paradigm: architecture(s).

In this frame, the conference attempts to reason around a contemporary, wider and inclusive definition of architecture by discussing six pairs of antinomian concepts articulated in three parallel sessions: architecture as a method and/or as a discipline; architecture of the Masters and/or of the topics; architecture for architects and/or for the community; architecture as avant-garde and/or market-oriented; architecture inside and/or outside the wall; architecture disciplinary and/or extra-disciplinary.

The six dichotomies are grouped into three main sessions:

Seeds of architecture(s): Ways of Teaching,

Roots of architecture(s): Ways of Research,

Branches of architecture(s): Ways of Practice.



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2023-02-13  |  Launch of the conference
2023-02-17  |  Opening of the call for abstract
2023-04-07  |  Abstract submission deadline
2023-04-07  |  Opening of the registration for the conference
2023-05-29  |  Notification of approved abstracts with review
2023-06-30  |  Deadline for early bird registration for the conference
2023-08-01  |  Deadline for the registration for the conference


August 30, 2023


Valentino Castle in Torino