CONFERENCE by: EAAE. Published: April 25, 2017.

EAAE Annual Conference

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The 50 year anniversary of Le Corbusier’s death marks a period in which architecture is dealing with important and urgent issues concerning the transformation of cities, buildings and territories. During this period, it is important that European architecture schools begin a reflective discourse regarding the events of the past half century including the present situation and the prospective activities in response which have become crucial for the destiny of mankind.

In such a precarious and significant phase – for which the 2030 seems to represent a suitable reference term – architectural education has become a fundamental focus of convergence for the various issues in the field. It is necessary, therefore, that the forces of architecture converge in order to redefine the main contents of teaching and research, aspects always closely related, as Le Corbusier’s experience fully testifies.

In a continuously fluctuating contemporaneity, the demands of an articulated framework of the design disciplines are added to the extension and strengthening of tools that offer innovations and new opportunities in the fields of education and profession.

The 1985 European Directive on Architecture – with some partial updates over the years – has allowed the promotion of exchanges and debates between the European architectural cultures of education. It has also been a useful factor for the promotion of the Erasmus exchange program, thanks to the 11 points that every architecture school is bound to fulfil.

Thus, there seems to be no reason to undermine a Directive which has achieved positive results until now. However it is necessary, after thirty years – as Europe has expressly requested a propos of the new 2013/55/EU Directive on Professional Qualifications – for architecture schools to express their position regarding this issue.

EAAE, at the annual meeting of the Association which will be held in Milan from August 27th to August 30th 2015 in conjunction with EXPO 2015, will put forth a common reflection and an open discussion on the experiences carried out so far in schools and on the possible developments of the architectural profession.

The meeting will begin on the afternoon of August 27th – exactly 50 years after Le Corbusier’s death – with the opening of the celebrations dedicated to the Swiss master.

In the EAAE Academy agenda there will be various lectures and sessions including: the organization of teaching, the changes in education and new teaching tools, the relationship between teaching and research, the new Directive and the duration of architectural studies.
A day will be dedicated to visiting EXPO 2015 and the morning of the last day will be dedicated to the EAAE General Assembly where the Council will present and discuss the program of the Association.

EAAE, 40 years after its foundation, through the new statutes has been improved and opened to adapt its structure to the European enlargement and to address the difficult challenges of architectural education.

EAAE will require all associated schools to actively participate in the conference by contributing with a paper in response to the questions that will soon be sent to the associated schools.

The conference is open to other European and international schools who wish to participate.

Responsibles of the Italian Pavilion receive the EAAE Annual Conference attendees at Expo Milano 2015.​        

Round table: “The New EU Directive 55/2013 on Professional Qualifications”Fernando Ramos, UIA delegateKarl Otto Ellefsen, EAAE PresidentAdalberto del Bo, EAAE Vice PresidentMargaret Hynds O’Flanagan, ACE PQD Working group Chairperson
Saverio Mecca, President Conference of the Italian Schools of Architecture’s Deans
Ilaria Valente, Dean of School of Architecture and Society, Politecnico di Milano


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August 27, 2015


Milan, Italy