EVENT by: Universiteit Antwerpen. Published: May 24, 2021.

Call: Re-Claiming ground — Call Designing & building a wood pavilion as a social space

How to build on a void? In the midst of the site of the childrens’ farm Rivierenhof in
Antwerp stands a World War 2 bunker that takes up space and blocks life. Re-Claiming
ground reverses this image: In a targeted intervention, the now dead space is
activated and reinterpreted into a foundation for a new cultural site. Using reclaimed
timber elements from the port industry, a small pavilion is created with simple, precise
handicraft techniques as a central place for internal and public events of the childrens’
farm. The project aims at the social exploitation of seemingly worthless space and
material by means of architectural and constructional strategies. Under the guidance
of an international tutor team, the participants will examine the site and the given
material, jointly develop an architectural concept, and learn simple craft methods. The
group will then build the project together using simple tools and techniques.
The 2-weeks international design & build workshop is aimed at undergraduate, postgraduate
and PhD students of architecture, architectural engineering and structural
engineering. It comprises analysis, design, construction, lectures, discussions, and
excursions. The number of participants is limited to 20. Prerequisites are a sense of
making, the ability for teamwork and curiosity.

More info and registration → www.uantwerpen.be/reclaiming-ground
Participation fee → 200 EURO, includes receptions, excursions, materials,
and the use of tools.
The registration deadline is → 4 June 2021

Tutors are
Mario Rinke
→ University of Antwerp
Alessandro Tellini
→ ETH Zurich
Klaus Zwerger
→ TU Vienna
Sven Verbruggen
→ University of Antwerp


2021-06-04  |  registration deadline


June 4, 2021