GENERAL ASSEMBLY by: EAAE. Published: June 24, 2017.

Applications EAAE council members and president online now

Dear EAAE member, the yearly meeting of the EAAE will take place in Bordeaux 2017. General Assembly (GA) of the Foundation will be held according to the Statutes during this meeting on September 1st 2017.
EAAE has received the following Candidate applications:


Zeno Bogdanesco
Ion Mincu, Bucharest

Harriet Harris
Royal Collage of Art

Alessandra Swiny
University of Nicosia

Walter Unterrainer
Aarhus Architecture Academy

Ilaria Valente
Poletecnico di Milano

Koenraad Van Cleempoel
Hasselt University



Oya Franck Atalay
ZHAW, Wintertur

The elections of new Council members will be a part of this GA. In particular, the president of the EAAE calls for candidates for:

  • a President of the EAAE ¹
  • a Vice-President of the EAAE ²
  • Members of the EAAE Council ³

Candidates of all participating schools can take part in the upcoming elections under the following conditions:

The candidates’ applications must be submitted to the secretary of EAAE ( in PDF format) and to the head of the Election Committee Sally Stewart (, before August 15th 2017 and should include:

  • a CV
  • a written rationale expressing background and intentions (400 words max)
  • an indication of which role/s they wish to be considered for (president, vice-president, council member)
  • for applications for the role of President: A draft program of activities, initiatives, actions
  • a supporting declaration of the school for his/her candidacy

All member schools of EAAE, which fulfilled all membership duties (art. 5) may vote directly or indirectly (by means of PROXY) given to another member school. The maximum number of proxies per school is 4 (art. 10). Make sure that a signed proxy reaches the EAAE secretariat before the General Assembly (scanned and emailed to the EAAE secretariat).

If your school hasn’t received its 2017 membership invoice, or if your school would like to join the EAAE network, please do not hesitate to consult the EAAE secretariat.

Kind regards,

Karl Otto Ellefsen
EAAE President

[1] Article 12. THE EAAE COUNCIL – President: The President of the Association presides over the Council. S/he represents the Association. The President is elected by the General Assembly for a period of three years, and a maximum of two consecutive terms. In case of premature vacancy of the mandate of President, the Vice President will be appointed President. If there is no Vice President, the procedure to elect a Vice President will, by analogy, be used to select and appoint the new President. If there is a vacancy, the new President must be appointed within four months.

[2] Article 13. THE EAAE COUNCIL – Vice President: The General Assembly elects a Vice President for a period of three years, and a maximum of two consecutive terms. The Council may nominate a candidate for Vice President among its members. The Vice President has the duties of President when the President is absent, or when presidential duties are delegated by the President.

[3] Article 16. THE EAAE COUNCIL: The Council members are appointed by the General Assembly for a period of three years. The Council meets at least three times annually. The office of Council member is not remunerated. More information in statutes art. 15-19.


2017-08-14  |  Candidates’ applications deadline
2017-09-01  |  Elections of candidates


September 1, 2017


Marché des Douves
4 rue des Douves
Bordeaux, France


European Association for Architectural Education