Conservation Network: Intermediate Meeting 

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

as announced in A Coruna, we are preparing an “intermediate meeting” of the Conservation Network in order to discuss and decide together how the Network can continue to develop, where the next workshop will be organized and on which topics, and so on. The next workshop is scheduled to take place during fall 2019. The intermediate meeting will be in Genova, Department of Architecture and Design on June 8 next and will start at 10 a.m. and last in the first afternoon.

Everyone who would like to contribute to the discussion is welcome to attend. Anyone who has a proposal about place and topics is invited to submit them in advance to our e-mail addresses, before the end of May, and of course, to participate in the meeting. The organization of a workshop is quite a lengthy and heavy task and therefore the support of a member School of EAAE is needed for anyone who wishes to undertake this new adventure.

Finally, we kindly ask you to make us know if you intend to come to the meeting in order to organize it in the best possible way.

All our best regards, hoping to meet you again in Genova



Loughlin Kealy (
Stefano F. Musso (