Ukrainian Schools of Architecture call for urgent aid

If your university can offer support in any of the items mentioned below, please contact the Kyiv National University Construction and Architecture
who has a coordinating role among the Ukrainian schools of architecture: 


Students who are currently in European countries need assistance in the following:·

  • access to a workplace (desk, computer, library, laboratories, etc.) to continue their studies online at their (Ukrainian) university
  • temporarily access to an educational process in a discipline that corresponds to the curriculum at their (Ukrainian) university for the possibility of their re-enrollment
  • attendance of online courses in European universities for future re-enrollment at their (Ukrainian) university

Due to the destruction of the educational base of a number of universities during the aggression or forced separation from the educational base of students and teachers, there is a need for e.g. methodological materials, textbooks to restore the educational process.

Access to lectures of European universities in relevant disciplines such as:

  • Theory of architecture and urban planning
  • Design of housing, public, industrial buildings and structures
  • Architectural constructions
  • Energy efficiency in architecture
  • Engineering equipment of buildings and structures
  • Reconstruction of buildings and structures
  • Architectural constructions, etc

Or hold such lectures online for students of Ukrainian universities according to an agreed schedule.

The restoration of buildings and infrastructures of Ukraine is in planning. Therefore, modern proposals on reconstruction, restoration of buildings and structures, renovation of territories, organization of joint creative teams to carry out project work on the restoration of settlements, buildings and structures, creation of new facilities are useful and necessary. The following is welcome:

  • Conduct an online workshop to engage students in the problems of 1) reconstruction of war-damaged buildings; 2) creation of housing for inner migrants in Ukraine
  • Facilitate the international accreditation of educational programs of leading universities of Ukraine to create a joint educational and scientific platform as a basis for effective cooperation in the field of education.
  • Allow scientific internships for teachers and graduate students of Ukrainian universities in European universities under the more simplified scheme, to expand the opportunities of Ukrainian universities to participate in ERASMUS+ and others programs. (This requires agreements between certain universities.)
  • Develop the possibility of training for displaced students on a double degree system. (This requires concluding agreements between specific universities, comparing curricula and coordinating curricula.)