The EAAE secretariat assists the EAAE Council in their mission and the execution of their task and forms a bridge between the EAAE member schools and the broad EAAE network. The secretariat helps to ensure the continuity of the organization.

The EAAE secretariat is located in Brussels, Belgium (KU Leuven). A half-time staff member welcomes all your questions, inquiries and feedback.

Secretary and Webmaster

Rosie Romero

The secretary is the primary contact person of the EAAE. You may contact Rosie with all your questions about memberships and invoices, EAAE conferences and workshops, the EAAE Academies, or with questions for the EAAE Council.

The webmaster is in charge of the maintenance of the website of the EAAE. You may also contact Rosie in case of online emergencies concerning the website or less urgent registration, newsletter or maintenance problems using the email.

Rosie is in the office on weekdays except Fridays.


+32 (0) 48 353 1488

Rue des Palais 65-67
1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium