Universidad de La Coruna, E.T.S.A.G.
La Coruña,Spain
Universidad de La Coruna, E.T.S.A.G.

15071 A Coruña A Coruña (03082)

N43° 19' 38.3'', E43° 19' 38.3''

 María Victoria Otero Piñeiro  

e: administracion.etsa@udc.es
t:+34 981 167 000
f:+34 5041 / 981 167 055
 Fernando Agrasar Quiroga 
Dean of School
Degree programmes
Graduate Study
Master of Science
Faculty profile

The Escola Técnica Superior (ETS) de Arquitectura from the Universidade da Coruña has ten different departments: Composition, Computation, Architectural Constructions, Industrial Engineering, Physics, Mthematical Methods of Representation, Architectonic Projects and Urbanism, Representation and Theory of Architecture, Construction Tecnology and Tecnology and Science of Graphic Representation.

The Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza was created in 1966, when was created the the Architecture ETS in Coruña.

Please contact the Secretary of the School.

Student Activities

Mobility: erasmus.etsa@udc.es 
Student Delegation: ext.: 5006
Events: http://etsa.udc.es/web/?page_id=430
Scholarships: http://etsa.udc.es/web/?cat=52


CAD - Lab
Computer Room
Photographic Studio


please contact the secretary of the course.

Admission Requirements

Please contact the Secretary of the School.

Tuition fees

Graduate study in Architectural Design: 2.644,89 EU / academic year

Application Deadline

Graduate Studies.
1st phase: 16 - 31 Jul
2nd phase: 17 - 28 Sep

1st phase: 09 Jan - 13 Apr
2nd phase: 15 Jul - 22 Jul

Graduate Study,Architecture (old plan),5 years,Graduate,
Master,Architecture,5 years,Master,330,
Ph.D.,Doctorate in Integrated Project Management,Ph.D.,

Places: 20

Ph.D.,Doctorate in Architecture and Rehabilitation,Ph.D.,
Master of Science,Master in Landscape Architecture Juana de Vega,2 semesters,Master,60,
Master of Science,Master in Sanitary and Assistencial Architecture,1 semester,Master,60,
Graduate Study,Interior Design,3 years,Graduate,240,


Places: 20 (min) – 40 (max)

The degree in architecture to enable the regulated profession of architect / a. This way the graduate degree in projection and construction of buildings and the design and planning of urban areas, parks, landscapes etc.

Career Opportunities

Exercise of liberal profession, in business or administration. Writing project and work management and building and urbanization. Planning and land use.

Research Groups:

Glue team Grupo de Investigación en Uniónes Encoladas (http://www.udc.es/dep/dtcon/estructuras/glueteam/gt_frames.htm)

IALA Grupo de Investigación en Historia da Arquitectura (http://ialaudc.blogspot.co.at/)