Polis University
International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies
Polis University
International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies
Str. "Vaso Pasha" no. 20
1051 Tirana

N41° 21' 10.62'', E41° 21' 10.62''

 Ledian Bregasi 
Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD)
e: ledian_bregasi@universitetipolis.edu.al
Dr. Antonino Di Raimo 
Dean of School
Degree programmes

Rruga Industriale | Tiranë, Shqipëria

Student Activities

Polis Alumni Association, constituted by: 1. The General Assembly; 2. Board of Executives; 3. Director - The General Assembly is composed by all the officially registered members. This association serves to create and maintain the communication with the graduates and also to create new opportunities of collaboration through the projects, activities and international events proposed by the General Assembly.


Audio - Lab
Conference auditorium
Modelling room


Please contact the secretary of the institution.

Admission Requirements

For the Professional Master Studies: 01 oral test: demonstration of comunication skills and motivation to study Architecture and/or Urban Planning; 01 written test: knowledge and general culture gained during school. It constituted by multiple-choice exercises and written essays.

Tuition fees

2.250,00 Euros / Semester

Application Deadline

1st March

Bachelor,Msc in Architecture and Urban Design,5 years,Master,300,
Bachelor,Msc in Architecture,2 years,Master,120,
Bachelor,Various,2 years part-time,Double,72,

Programmes: Msc in Aesthetic Structural Design | Msc in Public Urbanism | Msc in Parametric Architectural Design

Language: English

Partner: IHS/Erasmus University Rotterdam Holland |  “Brain Gain” Program, UNPD Albania and BERLAGE Institute Holland.

Guest staff: BEZALEL School of architecture (jerusalem) and BERLAGE Institute Holland.

Starting Spring 2011

Msc in Architecture and Urban Design
It is an innovative program, Its motto is “a new way to think Architecture”. This program tends to create an experimentation and analyzing space of the context that surrounds us in local and global terms, it permits this field to break up with the restrictions, barriers and strict standards.

Msc in Architecture
Since 2010 this studies give specialized and deepened scientific knowledge on architecture, especially architectonic design in post bachelor studies level. It is designed for those who studied according to the 3+2 system and earned a bachelor diploma in architecture (3 years , 180 ECTS) in Europe or Balkan region.