Beykent University
Faculty of Engineering and Achitecture, Dept. Of Architecture
Istanbul, TR
Beykent University
Faculty of Engineering and Achitecture, Dept. Of Architecture
Ayazağa Mahallesi, Hadım Koruyolu Cd. No:19,
34398 Sarıyer/İstanbul

N 41° 7' 2.31'', E 41° 7' 2.31''
Prof. Dr. Yasar Erdinc  
Prof. Dr. Ali Murat Ferman 
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The level of development of a country is directly proportional to the educated labour force in that country. The educated labour force is defined by the primary, secondary and tertiary education gross enrolment ratios. Beykent University, which we are proud to be a member of, has undertaken a crucial duty in the higher education system in Turkey which it is fulfilling successfully. From now on, it will uphold this duty and increase its quality and service capacity within an encouraging competitive environment.
Universities have two basic functions, i.e. research and education. Our main duty should be conduct the required scientific and technological research in the fields needed by the society and science, creating an educated and socially beneficial labour force, and putting these at the society’s and science’s disposal.

Benefiting from art, science and technology, architecture is perceived as a discipline that includes creation, design, construction, and quality enhancement of the built environment. Parallel to this definition, architectural education program is organized around architectural design studies that are supported with core studios, and many other theoretical and applied courses. The regular duration of the program is four academic years. During this time, students take courses that help them understand basic architectural concepts and design principles; observe, understand and question the spatiality; learn the history of architecture, built environment, buildings and building technology. 40 days long internship (20 days in construction site, 20 days in design office) and a graduation project pursued in the last semester is required to complete the program.