JOB by: Universiteit Antwerpen, June 18, 2024

Professor in the field of architecture and digital culture

at Universiteit Antwerpen, Ontwerpwetenschappen
2000 Antwerpen, BE

App deadline: August 20, 2024

The vacancy for architecture and digital culture seeks to anchor design-based research within the architecture program, as well as expanding the research on innovative digital technologies in architecture. The candidate for this position is capable of providing a research-oriented framework for innovative approaches in architecture, such as the complementarity of artistic and artificial intelligence or the introduction of digital design theory, practice and craftsmanship. This research approach should address questions of automation and AI-based design in the context of a sustainable building culture and a societally-oriented urban perspective. An integrated design vision – including technological aspects, design and functionality – and interdisciplinary collaboration are central to this approach. The preferred candidate has an intimate knowledge of teaching architectural and design methodologies and is comfortable with traditional design skills, as well as an expert with research in digital design methods, strategies and building processes.

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