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Professor Frédéric Migayrou
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Our vision is of a world in which development is sustainable, affording social, economic, technological, cultural and aesthetic innovation, while enhancing diverse ecologies, cultures and heritage.

Our vision is also of a society where we value:

Autonomy - the right to make decisions on one's future while respecting others.

Equity - the principle of equality of access to all resources.

Integrity - the primacy of appropriate knowledge, rigour, evidence and propositions in all critical debates.

Creative innovation - the drive to produce inspirational and useful ideas, objects, practices, representations, systems and technologies.

We believe that the built environment is crucial to the realisation of our vision of a sustainable, innovative and diverse world.

Radical ethos

UCL was founded in 1826 with a bold and radical agenda, opening up higher education in England for the very first time to those of any race, class or religion. That same radical ethos is carried through today, with the Bartlett responding to the problems and opportunities of the world in ways which are at once creative, effective and responsible. We seek to make the built environment better for everyone.

Academic excellence

Our students are excellent and ambitious. They are intelligent, innovative and committed to making a responsible impact on the world around them. Similarly, Our academic members explore, create, solve and inspire. They provide collective expertise in tackling complex problems and also offer individual brilliance and insights.

Bachelor of Science, BSc Architecture, 3 years, Bachelor,


Bachelor of Science, BSc Architectural Studies, 3 years, Bachelor,
Master of Architecture, MArch Architecture, Master,


Master of Architecture, MArch Graduate Architectural Design, Master,
Master of Architecture, MArch Urban Design, Master,
Master of Architecture, MA Architectural History, Master,
MPhil/PhD, MPhil/PhD Architectural Design, MPhil/PhD,
MPhil/PhD, MPhil/PhD Architectural History and Theory, MPhil/PhD,

The Bartlett School of Architecture offers a comprehensive range of architecture programmes, including those directed at those seeking to become professional architects, as well as other programmes with specialisms in advanced architectural design, history & theory and urban design. All of these programmes enjoy an international reputation, and consequently attract the very best students from around the UK, Europe and world-wide.

The BSc Architecture degree is primarily intended for students wishing to pursure a career as a professional architect, and covers the cover disciplines of architectural design, history & theory, professional studies and technology. Successful completion of the BSc Architecture leads to exemption from Part 1 of the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) examinations.

The BSc Architectural Studies degree is open only to students who have previously completed Year 1 (or Years 1 and 2) of the BSc Architecture. It is aimed at highly-motivated, independent students who wish to continue with a specialisation in architecture, design and urban studies, but who also want to take advantage of electives on offer elsewhere in UCL

The Bartlett School of Architecture offers a range of masters level taught programmes, including those directed at those pursuing a career as professional architects, as well as advanced specialisms in architectural design, urban design, and architectural history & theory. All of these programmes enjoy an international reputation for their quality of teaching, cutting-edge research context and innovative student work.

The Bartlett School of Architecture offers two PhD programmes, one aimed at architectural designers and the other at historians and theorists of architecture. In practice, however, there is considerable overlap and engagement between the two, creating a dynamic group of around 50 innovative doctoral students.

Innovative and relevant research

Across the full spectrum of the Bartlett, our research has truly global influence and impact – it is innovative and relevant. This research tackles some of the greatest challenges facing us today – in global health, sustainable cities, intercultural interaction, and human well-being.

Global reach and vision

The Bartlett has very substantial numbers of international students from all parts of the world, providing a dynamic global exchange of ideas, views and knowledge. Our research, partnerships, enterprise and knowledge sharing activities similarly address all kinds of built environment – from internal spaces, building systems and virtual environments to rural areas, towns and mega-cities – right across the five continents.

Local responsibility and engagement

The Bartlett has direct interaction with its immediate context of London, as well as with the specific situations and conditions of the many other places it operates all over the world.

Working through partnership

As a university-based endeavour, the Bartlett is ready to embark on bold new ventures, whether by innovating ideas, engaging in enterprise or sharing knowledge. We work with practically-oriented organizations – such as conservation groups, governments, NGOs, companies, consultancies, developers and architectural practices – in order to tackle real-life problems and conditions.