Czech Technical University in Prague
Fakulta Architektury
Praha 6, Czech Republic
Czech Technical University in Prague
Fakulta Architektury
Thákurova 9
166 34 Prague 6
Czech Republic

N 50° 6' 17.35'', E 50° 6' 17.35''

Ing. Hana Novotná
International Students Office
t: +420 22435 6224
prof. Ing. arch. Ladislav Lábus Hon. FAIA
Dean of school
Degree programmes
Bachelor: Czech
Master: Czech
PhD: Czech
Faculty profile

Profile of the faculty

The Faculty of Architecture is part of the Czech Technical University in Prague, which was transformed from one of the oldest engineering schools in Central Europe, founded in 1707.  At present, the CTU has seven faculties: civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, faculty of nuclear science and physical engineering, faculty of transportation science, faculty of architecture and bio-medical faculty. Graduates and staff members of the Czech Technical University have created numerous remarkable engineering and architectural works, developed noteworthy technologies, mechanical and electrical devices, and achieved notable scientific accomplishments and inventions. Outstanding personalities associated with the CTU have been so numerous that it would not be fair to name a few here and forget the others. Many have gained noteworthy prizes and awards.

The Faculty of Architecture is situated on the Czech Technical University campus near the Prague Castle

1500 students (900 Bachelor, 530 Master, 70 PhD), 5% of foreign students.

130 staff members (80 full-time and approx. 50 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

International Student´s Club. Workshops, lectures and competitions are organized year-round


Architectural Model Lab
Audio Visual Lab
Blackboard learn platform
CAD - Lab
Cartographic and Arch. Info. Lab
Computer Room
Computing service
Conference auditorium
Dining Room
Exhibition hall,
Exhibition Room
Exibition Centre
Extensivemodelling workshop
Foam Cutter
Language Laboratory
laser cutter
Laser Cutter
Laser Scanning Lab
Lecture Room
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Media Lab
Modelling room
Painting studio
Plot centre
Printing facilities
Publishing department "Yearbook"
Sculpture studio
sculpture studio, painting studio
Sports facilities
Virtual Reality Lab


Accommodation can be provided in student housing

Admission Requirements

Entrance exams are required

Tuition fees

No fees for a study in Czech language
4000,- EUR per year for a study in English language

Application Deadline

30 November for Czech language
30 April for English language

Bachelor, Bachelor programme, 3-year programme, Bachelor, Czech,

Title: Bc (eq. Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree)

Master, Master programme, 2-year programme, Master, Czech,

Title: Ing. arch. (eq. Master of Science in Architecture degree)

PhD, Doctoral programme, 3-year programme, Master, Czech,

Title: PhD

Structure of the curriculum

The curriculum focuses on architectural design and deep technical background in the field of building and the built environment. Our goals focus on the education of the individual preparing for the profession of architect. Education meets the requirements of the Czech Chamber of Architects and its registration order.

In conformity with the new structured study system the Faculty of Architecture offers the recognized Architecture and Urban Planning programmes. The study branch of Architecture includes the following study programmes: Bachelor degree programme (3 years), Master degree programme (2 years), Master degree programme taught in English (2 years), and Doctoral degree programmes (3 years) and Doctoral degree programme taught in English

(Prerequisites:The bachelor programme in Czech is intended for Czech speaking students with completed secondary level education.)

Architect’s education is primarily aimed at developing creative skills. The Faculty of Achitecture in Prague provides its students with professional knowledge and skills and helps them understand today’s world with the variety of its features and factors that have an impact on architect’s work. The 3-year Bachelor study programme gives students basic knowledge related to architecture including inter-disciplinary links and rigorous technical background. The main principal consists in a well-balanced proportion of compulsory and elective courses in humanities, theory, technology and art. The development of design skills is central to the programme. The sixth semester is closed by submitting a bachelor project and passing the State Final Examination. A successful completion of the Bachelor degree grants admission to the 2-year Master study programme at the Faculty. Additional admission requirements may be needed if one chooses to apply for a master programme in a university other than CTU.

Starting in academic year 2009/2010 the Bachelor programme Industrial Design will be available in the Czech language. Graduates of the 3-year Bachelor degree Industrial Design are complexly educated experts in the fields of engine design, equipment, fabrics, building and interior components etc.

Prerequisites:The master programme in Czech is intended for Czech speaking students with the Bachelor of Architecture degree, or with a completed bachelor degree programme in related study branches.
Master study programme taught in English. Prerequisites:The master programme in English is intended for foreign students with the Bachelor of Architecture degree, or with a completed bachelor degree programme in related study branches.

The four–semester master programme Architecture and Urban Planning (also available in English) prepares students for the profession of architect and provides them with a sufficient level of understanding of all components of architectural work. The programme largely develops visual communication skills (architectural and visual design), the knowledge of building techniques, economics and management, and an understanding of human problems in a contemporary environmental context (country planning and architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture).
Architectural design is a central point of the programme: principles of architectural design are studied and practised on a wide range of building structures: new developments as well as urban renewal and reconstruction. Studios at this level are enriched with studio work focusing on topics such as sustainable design, modern technologies, interior architecture, and preservation. Students are offered a choice of semester assignments either for individual or group elaboration. Classes are organized as “vertical studios” where students doing Master degree course study in English and other students in any year of study can meet and work together.  Advanced urban design studio work on a development and/or urban regeneration project for a part of a town or a city. The organisation of the studio is similar to architectural design. Students are required to work out an urban analysis (survey), draft programme versions, and decide on a final urban design. Most studio assignments have real clients from the planning department of municipalities. Within the Master study programmes (both Czech and English) the students are offered a variety of elective courses. Graduate level studies are closed by submitting a diploma project and passing the State Final Examination. Graduates are awarded the degree “Ing. arch.”(corresponding to the title of Master of Architecture).

For 2009/2010, a PhD degree study in English is opened at the Faculty of Architecture, with part-time and full-time programmes  leading to a PhD degree in the following subjects:
– Theory of Architectural Design
– Urban Design and Planning
– History of Architecture and Monument Conservation.
– Architecture and Civil Engineering.
The admission procedure is organized in the spring of each year, the commencement of the study is scheduled in mid-September. International students have the same rights and obligations as the Czech doctoral students.
For any questions concerning doctoral studies at the Faculty of Architecture please feel free to contact,

Recent and present research projects at the Faculty of Architecture have dealt mainly with monument preservation, spatial planning and architecture of construction elements and architectural theory. The Faculty has close links to the research activities of the Research Center for Industrial Heritage Internationally, the Faculty of Architecture was involved in the EU projects of SUREURO (Sustainable Revitalisation of Housing in Europe), INTERREG IIIB REPUS (Regional Polycentric urban system in East-Central Europe), INTELCITIES, and ESPON (European spatial planning observatory network).
In the Strategic Perspective of the Faculty of Architecture, the following priority fields were defined to follow for future research:
– Preservation and care for built and urban heritage.
– Revitalisation of urban and rural settlements and landscape.
– Sustainable development in architecture and spatial development.
– Housing design and residential development.
– New construction technologies reflected in methods of architectural design.
Within these priority fields and their specific areas of research, the particular institutes of the Faculty of Architecture identify their respective themes for doctoral studies.
In the field of architecture research, the perspective of ‘research by design’  is followed, in collaboration with other major European schools of architecture.