Hochschule Bochum
Department of Architecture
Bochum, Germany
Hochschule Bochum
Department of Architecture
University of Applied Sciences
Lennershofstrasse 140

N 51° 26' 53.62'', E 51° 26' 53.62''

Simone Walkowiak

e: simone.walkowiak@hs-bochum.de
t: +49 234 32 10101
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Prof. Peter Schmitz
Dean of the Faculty
Degree programmes
Bachelor of Science
Master of Science
Master of Advanced Studies
Faculty profile

Profile of the faculty

According to several rating agencies, the department of architecture in Bochum is one of the most distinguished schools in Germany. Regularly, our students are successfull in architectural competitions within our country and abroad. Our graduates work worldwide in qualified and creative positions in different fields of architecture such as design, construction or management.

The basis of this success is a careful selection of qualified students at the beginning of the studies. From the first term on, all our students have the opportunity to work in studios at the university. The studio building, the „BlueBox“ offers 1.600 square meters of working space and 1.000 square meters of „event space“ for exhibitions, conferences, workshops and seminars. The “BlueBox” is equipped with state of the arts computers, printers and further peripheral equipment.
Working at the university allows for an intensive exchange between students and teachers, at any day and any daytime. 15 full-time professors, most of them licensed architects, 9 teaching assistants, and 9 professionals working in laboratories, in the photo studio, audio visual studio or in the model workshop share their knowledge at any occasion.
Our school is integrated in an intense network with further universities in Europe. We organize and participate in international student workshops throughout Europe. Our key speaker lecture series is well reputated with national and international speakers.

The faculty is situated on Bochum University Campus.

460 students (400 Bachelor, 60 Master, 0 PhD), 0% of foreign students.

24 staff members (15 full-time and approx. 9 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

workshops, lectures and competitions are organized year-round


CAD - Lab
Laser Cutter
Media Lab
Plot centre
BlueBox Bochum


Accomodation can be organised.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor: german school certification or equivalent Master: qualified Bachelor certification

Tuition fees

1400 Euro per year.

Application Deadline

May / June

Bachelor of Science, Bachelor programme, 4-year programme, Bachelor, 240,

Bachelor of Arts (in Architecture) degree (240 CP), guarantees admission to all Master programs. Architecture Title: BSc in Architecture
Accreditation for Register of Architects in Germany (Architektenkammern) and European Directive. Enrollment: 100 students

Master of Science, Master programmes, 1-year programme, Master, 60,

Master of Arts degree (60 CP); Architektur Media Management AMM. Title M.A. Enrollment: 20 students

Master of Arts degree (60 CP);
Architektur Projekt Entwicklung (Arch. Dev. of Real Estate Projects). Title: MSc.
Enrollment: 20 students

Master of Advanced Studies, Master of Science degree, 2-year programme, Master, 120,

Master Städtebau NRW (Town planning and Urban development) Title: M.Sc., Enrollment: 20 students

Our school offers academic education in Architecture, Urban Design, Media Management for Architects and Project Development. All our studies lead to professional degrees, which enable our students to enrole in professional chambers. The range of courses covers aspects of practical work such as building construction, management and economics, but also design work in the design studios, the urban design studio and theoretical work in courses like architectural theories, media management, scientific research, or history of architecture.

The design studio is usually the central core module within each academic term. Students work individually in close relationship with the professor. Most of the technical modules are related to the design tasks in more or less direct manner. All programs finish up with an individual thesis that can be either a design-proposal or a written paper. All our courses are exchangeable with other universities by ECTS-credit system. The course language (lectures) is usually German; although in individual critiques it is possible to speak English.

Bachelor of Sciences, Architecture Program

The Bachelor of Sciences (in Architecture) is a full-time, four-year program, which enables graduates to register as architects (after two years of further practice without exams). The program covers all major aspects of professional practice such as composition, design, construction, building technologies, cultural studies and basics of building economics.

The design studio is usually the core element of each term. Design tasks can range from small buildings such as sport-clubs, kindergardens or individual residences to large-scale buildings such as skyscrapers, opera houses, airport-terminals. Each term we participate in student competitions in Germany and abroad with an overwhelming success. One of our students was honored with a mention by the architectural biennale in Venice.
With 15  full-time professors we guarantee an individual support of each student in the creative working atmosphere of the design studio building „BlueBox“.

Besides these „in-house“ qualities we enhance the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge with professionals and institutions outside our university. Each year we invite a guest professor to teach at our school. We exchange students and professors via ERASMUS programs into six foreign countries, invite foreign lecturers and travel to the hot spots worldwide.
The weeklong thesis exhibition is the highlight of each term, with public crits for all bachelor thesis and final award ceremonies for the best students within our bachelor program.

Master of Arts, Architecture Media Management

A one-year fulltime program which adresses highly talented graduates in architecture that are interested in professional communication. The courses cover subjects as public relations, marketing, photography, desktop publishing, web design, office and data management. They focus on both: theoretical foundations and practical use.
Within nine months essential communication techniques are trained and applied in practical projects such as press releases, exhibitions or conferences. One of the central projects is the „AMM-symposium“. This conference on architectural communication is completely initiated and organized by the masterstudents: from the first concept to the complete event management including fundraising, networking and marketing.
The progam finishes with a 3-month master-thesis covering a complex communication strategy for an individually chosen aspect in contemporary architecture.
The graduates of this program usually develop successful careers in architectural practice, art and design institutions, marketing departments and communication agencies.

Master of Sciences, Architektur-Projektentwicklung (Development of Real Estate Projects)

This master program is a one-year fulltime program which addresses highly talented graduates in architecture or urban design  who are interested in broadening their knowledge and capability as well in the field of real estate development as in the field of the development of architectural projects. The courses cover subjects as urban design, building design, sociology, scientific research techniques, mediation, moderation and negotiation skills, building and planning law, macro- and microeconomical basics of real estate development, construction financing and project management.
The focal points in the first nine months of the progamme are design and development projects, covering all aspects of real estate development in combination with high-end design work; the progamme finishes with a master thesis covering a complex design task and a written paper on economical aspects of the project.

The graduates of this program usually develop successful careers and have the chance to achieve positions as project directors in architecture firms or project managers in real estate companies.


Master of Sciences, „Städtebau NRW“ (Town planning and Urban development)

This master-program is a two-year, full-time program offered by five universities that cooperate in his postgraduate program. The universities  delegate seventeen professors to teach a wide range of topics in research and development and practical topics.

The Master in Urbanism continues the work of the IBA-Emscher-Park, an international exhibition for urbanism, architecture and landscape architecture. With the know-how of these three professions the former industrial area Ruhrgebiet has been gradually transformed into one of Europe’s largest high technology, educational areas. The Ruhrgebiet, or it´s wider definition the “Metropolitan Area Rhein-Ruhr” with 10 million inhabitants and a multicentered urban structure is one of the prototypes for sustainable agglomerations worldwide.

The program addresses talented academics with a bachelor-degree in architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture. The courses cover urban and landscape design, regional planning, sociology, urban economics, environmental design, sustainable development and transport planning. The cores of the first three semesters are the urban design projects; the final semester finishes with a thesis either as a complex design task or as a written paper.

The five universities provide a wide network to city councils, research agencies and town planning offices that allow a close relationship to practice and helps our graduates to find qualified positions after leaving the university.

Our education is closely related to professional practice, yet each Bachelor / Master-Studies is accompanied by research and development projects carried out at our university often in cooperation with further research institutes, cities and regional governances.