Escuola Technica Superior de Arquitectura
San Sebastian, Spain
Escuola Technica Superior de Arquitectura


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Alberto Zulueta Goienetxea
Dean of School
Degree programmes
Graduate Study (in extinction)
Bachelor of Science
Master (Postgraduate)
Master (Specialization)

Special features: Cultural Activities (cinema, music, theater, festivals): Campus de Alava Campus de Bizkaia | Campus de Gipuzkoa

55 staff members (18 full-time and approx. 37 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

There is a School Board, which is composed by the Director who shall preside, the Deputy, Academic Secretary, the Administrator of the Center and 25 elected members representing various groups in the school distributed as follows: 13 Teaching staff-doctor; 4 other teaching and research staff; 5 students; 3 aministración-Staff and Services.


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Admission Requirements

The different modes of access to this course are: Art Education and specific test, vocational training and specific test, approval of foreign qualifications and specific test, interuniversity programs and specific test, access exam for over 25 years and specific test, access exam for over 45 years and specific test, selectivity and specific test, simultaneous studies and specific test, college degree and specific test , transfers and specific test.

Tuition fees

Please contact the Secretary of the School.

Application Deadline

Bachelor - Access Test Date: 1st Call: 6, 7 and 8 Jun, 2012; 2nd Call: 4, 5 and 6 de Jul, 2012 | Master - Pre-Registration Online: 25 Mar - 31 May, 2012.

Graduate Study (in extinction), Architecture (Plan 2003), 5 years, Graduate, 420,

The course is scheduled to be extinct in the year 2016.

Bachelor of Science, Degree in Architecture (2011-2012), 5 years, Bachelor, 300,
Master (Postgraduate), Master in Research on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability In Industry, Transport, Building And Planning, Master,

Master that leads to a Ph.D.

Master (Postgraduate), Master in Restoration and Management of Built Heritage, Master,
Master (Postgraduate), Façades, Master,

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Master (Specialization), Sustainable Construction And Energy Efficiency, Master,

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The objectives of the title of architect in accordance with Directive 2005/36/EC is based on the architecture as a common element to all Spanish curriculum and community in which you have to keep a balance between the theoretical and practical architectural training, ensuring the acquisition of knowledge and skills: 1. Knowing the history and theories of architecture and related arts, technologies and human sciences with this. 2. Understanding the role of the fine arts as an influence on the quality of architectural design. 3. Knowing the planning and the skills involved in the planning process. 4. Understand the problems of structural design, construction and engineering problems associated with building design and techniques to solve these. 5. Knowing the physical, the various technologies and function of buildings so as to provide them with internal conditions of comfort and protection from the elements. 6. Knowing the industries, organizations, regulations and procedures for translating design concepts into buildings and integrating plans into overall planning. 7. Understanding the relationships between people and buildings and between them and their environment, and the need to relate buildings and the spaces between them depending on the needs and the human scale.