Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Lyon
Vaulx-en-Velin, France
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Lyon

3 rue Maurice Audin,
B.P. 170

N 45° 46' 43.33'', E 45° 46' 43.33''
Olivier CHABERT (Exchange students)

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With 2000 years of living architecture Lyon illustrates the advance and evolution of the architectural and town planning design in an exceptional way. For the Lyon National School of Architecture, it is a rich and incentive cultural background. This outstanding heritage - Lyon is registered as World Heritage site by UNESCO - leads teachers to analyse history and to study both the principles and methods for restoration and refurbishment. Furthermore the architectural design is enriched by numerous contemporary works by the most creative architects, town planners, landscape architects and artists (Nouvel, Piano, Buren, Bohigas, Corajoud'), evidencing thereby the importance of innovation in the field of architecture.

The School is located in the centre of Vaulx-en-Velin and takes part in the urban renewal of the city. Its campus, which groups together the Lyon National School of Architecture and the National College of Civil Engineering is devoted to studies regarding cities and urban planning and to engineering.

665 students (376 Bachelor, 288 Master, 1 PhD), 15% of foreign students.

224 staff members (44 full-time and approx. 180 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

The School regularly hosts exhibitions and receive at least one guest lecturer per month. Study trips and workshops are regulary arranged abroad.

The Lyon National School of Architecture is home for different students‘ associations: “BDE archi” and “Architek” are aimed at organizing special cultural events. “L’Esquisse“ provides small materials at a cheap price and “Junior Conseils Travaux Projets Etudes” is a small business managed by students. Thanks to a partnership with the National Theatre Society students can attend theatre plays at a discount rate. A film society is also run by the students.


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Accomodation is not provided by the school.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor : Diploma granting admission to University/Higher Education in home country (equivalent to French Baccalaureat). Additional entrance exams are required

Master : Please inquire at the school for information

Tuition fees

About 500 EUR per year for the Bachelor ; About 600 EUR per year for the Master. Registration to the National Health Service is included in the fee.


Application Deadline

EU Students : Mid-March. Non EU students : End of January via the embassy of their home country. Please contact the school for exact dates.

Bachelor, Bachelor programme, 3-year programme, Bachelor, 180,

Bachelor in Architecture degree, guarantees admission to Master programme. Title : B Arch

Bachelor, Master programme, 2-year programme, Master, 120,

Master in Architecture degree. Title : M Arch
One additional year of study is needed to enter the register of architects.

Initial training :

The vocation of the Lyon National School of Architecture is to train future professionals responsible for the built environment to numerous fields of trades and professions related to architecture. The studies integrate both the open-mindedness and the variety of skills required by the practice of architecture. The programme is made up of two phases: A three-year (6 semester) Bachelor degree (B Arch) and a two year (4 semester) Master degree (M Arch). The Bachelor and the Master degree are accredited both by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Double degree :

Thanks to its privileged relationships with the 3 neighbouring schools of engineers (ENTPE, INSA and Ecole Centrale), the Lyon National School of Architecture has set out a double degree. It allows the selected students to jointly prepare the two qualifications. They can obtain the two degrees both in engineering and architecture with only two additional years of study.

Professional Qualification :

One additional year of study is needed for professional qualification. The title of architect is indeed protected by law. Completion of this qualification is requested to legally register with the Architects registration board and be listed with the professional association.

Qualified continuing education :

A qualified continuing education program is given for professionals. Professionals with experience can obtain a Master degree in architecture together with the professional qualification. This programme takes 4 and a half years.

Post graduate programmes :

The Lyon National School of Architecture offers the following post graduate programmes : Preparation for the competition AUE (State architect and town planner), and High Environmental Quality training (HQE).

The Bachelor curriculum is aimed at giving a broad general education in architecture. Students are introduced to professional skills and knowledge as the basis for design practice. Therefore, the teaching is comprehensive and groups together artistic, technical and social approaches.

The practice of design builds the core of the programme. Each one of the six semesters includes an integral Design-studio. The knowledge and skills acquired in other disciplines (Construction, Structures, Drawing, Humanities, Technologies, etc) have to be implemented in the design process. Through the curriculum project work becomes increasingly complex in keeping with structural, urban and environmental issues.

Lectures in History deal with a broad description of the development of architecture from Antiquity to the present day. Scientific courses allow students to understand the basic principles inherent to Building Construction, Structures and Environments. A series of artistic lectures enable them to develop abilities in writing and speaking about design, drawing and model making. Computer-aided design is introduced and proficiency in foreign languages is developed.

A successful completion of the Bachelor grants admission to the Master programme of the School.

At the Master level, students are allowed the opportunity to look in greater depth at issues they were introduced to during the Bachelor course. This occurs while the integration of technical disciplines into the design process continues. Management Practice and Law is introduced at this stage in order to prepare students for professional practice. A two-month internship is also required.

From semester 1 to 3, the teaching combines a thematic Design-studio and an associated thematic Seminary. The rest of the programme is made up of theoretical lectures and electives. An essay has also to be performed. Semester 4 is the preparation for the Student’s Final Project .

8 thematic Design-studios are offered at the master level:

– History and Heritage (semester 1),

– Architecture and Sustainable Housing (semesters 1,3,4),

– Computer-aided Design Practice (semesters 1,3,4),

– The Factory : Developing Architecture Concepts to Raise Architectural Standards in Vaulx-en-Velin (semesters 1, 2)

– Architecture, Cities, Outskirts (semesters 2,3,4),

– Design for Ethics and Technical Construction (semester 2),

– Architecture, Standards and Innovation (semester 2),

– Architecture, Forms and Transformations (semesters 3,4)

The Lyon National School of Architecture is part of the “Alliance of the Grandes Ecoles of the Rhone-Alps region (AGERA) which gathers 33 Higher Education Institutions (Schools of Architecture, Engineering Schools, Business Schools and Specialized Teaching Schools).

In 2008, it also became an associated member of the “Lyon University Network” which groups together 20 schools and universities located in Lyon and Saint-Etienne area.The School is therefore entitled to jointly deliver a PhD in architecture with the university.

The Lyon National School of Architecture is home for 2 teams of research accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Communication: MAP-ARIA (Applications and research in computer science and architecture), and LAF (Analysis of forms laboratory). These research teams are directly involved in the specialties offered at the Master level. MAP-ARIA is part of the “UMR CNRS/MCC 694”.

Besides, the Lyon National School of Architecture has also connections with 2 laboratories located in Engineering Schools: RIVES from “ENTPE” and ITUS from “INSA de Lyon”. These 2 laboratories are accredited by the CNRS (UMR 5 600).

The 4 above mentioned laboratories can receive student willing to obtain a PhD in the field of architecture. For further information about the scientific work carried about by the laboratories, please refer to the following websites: