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1:1- one:to:one 
architecture. education. research

The European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) gathers most of the schools of architecture in Europe. With 150 active member schools between the Canary Islands and the Urals, representing more than 5,000 teachers and over 120,000 students from the undergraduate to the PhD level, the Association provides a vibrant network promoting architectural education and research throughout Europe.

1:1 – one:to:one is a new publication and venture for the Association which has for a long time harbored a wish to publish a peer reviewed magazine or a series of books that deal with various current themes in depth.

1:1 – one:to:one is to be published annually. Containing interviews, scientifically peer-reviewed papers, reports and opinion pieces, each volume will have a particular character within the framework of the series, to be distributed to schools of architecture and their libraries around the world.

1:1 – one:to:one is scheduled to appear for the first time in 2012. It will feature discussion, investigation into architecture and contemporary culture and leading architects, theoreticians and historians from around the world. Focusing primarily on education and research, it will also be the voice of young and upcoming architects (many of whom are also teachers) and a platform for discussion about the future of architecture.


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