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Parametric Design in Architecture

Master's Degree

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2016-07-02  |  End


The emergence of ICTs has led to a paradigm shift in architecture. Parametric design, digital fabrication, 3D printing and prototyping are revolutionizing the architecture of the twenty-first century, and creating new avenues for new models of sectoral development and new multidisciplinary professional profiles able to meet the challenges of this socioeconomic change.
An architectural project is a complex process, in which knowledge management must be linked to design in an operational way. Parameters are all the categories of information that affect decision-making when a project is carried out. This is the aim of parametric architecture: to go beyond geometry and the form, in order to design a system taking in all the variables/categories involved in the process. This is the potential offered by modern software tools: Grasshopper, Rhinoceros, Revit, Dynamo, BIM (Building Information Modeling), etc.; which change the design process, making architects into builders of systems and not just models.
In this context, many courses today provide a partial perspective, based on the direct application of software in numerical control machines to produce complex objects. However, this master’s degree offers a comprehensive approach: it trains professionals in advanced architectural creation, focusing on efficiency in buildings and a commitment to the environment.

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