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Model as Medium and Method

Design Research, Series on Method Seminar by ARENA

2016-09-19  |  Call for Abstracts
2016-10-03  |  Deadline for Abstracts Submission
2016-10-07  |  Abstracts Acceptance Notification

2016-11-03  |  Seminar Opening and Day #01
2016-11-04  |  Seminar Day #02 and Closing


The fifth session of DR_SoM (Design Research Series on Method) will take place at the Cork Centre for Architectural Education, Ireland. It will focus on when, how, and why design research can methodologically rely on spatial models, both physical and virtual. There is no registration fee; however, the number of participants will be limited to 30.

DR_SoM is a project of the ARENA network for architectural research.

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