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  • Professional Practices in the Built Environment
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  • Military Landscapes
  • EAAE Annual Conference and General Assembly
  • International Conference on Urban Comfort and Environmental Quality
  • Facing Post-War Urban Heritage in Central and Eastern Europe

How to join EAAE

There are three ways to become a EAAE member:

  1. Full member:   Full Membership Application Form
    For European schools or institutions delivering a diploma of architect that is recognized either by the state or by the professional organization ruling the access to the profession in the home country.
  2. Associated institutional member:   Associated Institutional Membership Application Form
    For Schools of Architecture not fulfilling above requirements or institutions willing to join the Association.
  3. Associated individual member:   Associated Individual Membership Application Form
    For individuals who are involved in teaching architecture either through their profession or in their duties, in Europe or abroad, who do not register on behalf of a school or an institution.

Being a member brings these benefits to your school:

  • Participating in a network of more than one hundred Schools in Europe.
  • Information on conferencesworkshopscompetitions, and other activities.
  • Possibility to take part in EAAE activities, such as the Research Committee.
  • Your school will appear as a member on the EAAE map of European Schools of Architecture.
  • Your school’s pages will appear in the printed version of the EAAE Guide.
  • Ability to use EAAE Data Bank information.
  • Reduction on conference fees for EAAE workshops and conferences.