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International Master in Interior Architecture

Adaptative Reuse

#20160501_Master in Adaptative Reuse_Heading

2016-05-01  |  Deadline for non EEA Students Applications Submission
2016-09-01  |  Deadline for EEA Students Applications Submission
2016-09-02  |  Academic Year Opening
2017-06-30  |  Academic Year Closing


The faculty of Architecture and Arts welcomes applications for an innovative international master’s programme in interior architecture with a strong focus on adaptive reuse.

It is safe to assume that (interior) architects will have to deal increasingly with the transformation and adaptation of the built environment. Today, the role of architecture is being re-defined due to demographic, economic and ecological challenges. Transition and reuse take centre stage in the practice and theory of the profession. This academic master’s programme is innovative as it considers preservation through the act of adaptive reuse instead of mere conservation and restoration.

Rather than relying on an archaeological perspective, it emphasises a designerly approach as to give new and unexpected energy to buildings. Therefore, the programme seeks to train students who explore and activate the rich potential of existing sites through design supported by research and theory.

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