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Impact by Designing

ARENA Annual Conference

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2016-10-17  |  Call for Abstracts
2016-11-28  |  Abstract Submission Deadline
2017-02-15  |  Full Papers Submssion Deadline
2017-03-10  |  End of Review

2016-10-17  |  Announcement
2016-12-15  |  Registration Opens
2017-04-06  |  Conference Opening
2017-04-07  |  Conference Closing


Why does research have to impact? Can we demonstrate that our research efforts make a difference? Does our research genuinely impact more widely upon society, architecture and the arts? If our endeavors do have an impact, then in what way? What can we learn from our experiences for the future? Does it help to change our perspectives about the nature and purpose of research?

Abstract Submission Deadline extended until November 28, 2016!

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