CONFERENCE. Published: April 25, 2017.

International Conference on Environmental Education

ENHSA Thematic Network is delighted to announce the second conference in its series on teaching environmental design to architects. The first held two years ago in Cyprus, was entitled: Teaching a new Environmental Culture: The Environment as a question of Architectural Education”. The second will be primarily oriented towards the content of this education. To this end, our network wishes to prime this debate by making two central and complementary propositions. The first is that the environment can and must be approached as a force for innovation in architectural design, as a context from wich ideas, forms and materialities can emerge able to advance architectural thinking and creation. The second proposition is that this innovative ideal has to be aligned with the reality of the human situation being shaped by the post-crisis world.


2013-03-31  |  Announcement
2013-03-31  |  Announcement



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