CONFERENCE. Published: March 29, 2018.

Design Research (in) Practice II Lisbon 2018-May-25-26

The sixth session of DR_SoM (Design Research Series on Method) will take place at the Chamber of Architects (Ordem dos Arquitectos) in Lisbon. For a second time, after the session in Reading, UK, April 2016, we focus on research methods used by practitioners, architectural and other, for the study of practice. We are looking for presentations of projects and practices that frame design in a rigorous way, in terms of aims, methodologies, and forms of critical reflection that might even acknowledge and celebrate the importance of innovative spirit, meandering and failure. Presentations are invited from architectural practitioners who are undertaking research in practice and from those who are studying the processes and methodologies of practice research. We want to hear how practitioners proceed with their design-related research, how they think about the ways in which their design approach contributes to or increases knowledge about design and building.



2018-04-10  |  Deadline submission for participation



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Lisbon, Portugal