GENERAL ASSEMBLY by: EAAE. Published: May 17, 2018.

Call for EAAE Council Candidates 2018

The annual meeting of the EAAE 2018 will take place in Porto. The General Assembly (GA) of the Association will be held according to the Statutes  during this meeting on August 31st 2018 between 14.30-17.30.

The elections of six Council members will take place during the General Assembly. Please note that two members of the present Council will reach the end of their first term and can be reelected, three members conclude their second consecutive term and therefore have to be replaced (art.16). The past President has announced earlier this year to withdraw from the council by the end of August 2018. The Vice-President of the EAAE Ilaria Valente will be the head of the Election Committee.

The President of the EAAE calls for candidates from all full members schools under the following conditions:
The candidates’ applications must be submitted to the secretary of EAAE ( in PDF format) before July 15th 2018. The applications must include:

– a full CV
– a written rationale expressing background and intentions (500 words max) and a personal statement (approx. 300 words) regarding the Council duties (art. 17)
– a supporting declaration of the school for his/her candidacy, which also confirms the financial support for the costs of the attendance at the council meetings, approximately 5 times a year.

All member schools of EAAE, which fulfilled all membership duties (art. 5), may vote directly or indirectly by means of proxy given to another member school before the beginning of the GA. The maximum number of proxies per school is 4 (art. 10). Please make sure that a signed proxy reaches the EAAE secretariat before the General Assembly (scanned and emailed to If your school hasn’t paid its 2018 membership, or if your school would like to join the EAAE network, please consult the EAAE secretariat (

Oya Atalay Franck

President EAAE


2018-07-15  |  Deadline: Call for candidates



May 17, 2018