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EAAE Education Academy 4th workshop

Why do you teach like you do? Teaching by design


2017-05-23  |  Call launch


Architectural education has been, and still is, a pedagogy driven by design – a creative process leading to innovation. The design studio is the backbone of the programme. Design is seen, by a growing amount of professions as the means of dealing with complex and ill-defined problems. What values do we target when teaching by design?  What does the design studio offer to the studio’s protagonists – students and teachers? Is the studio “the best way for students to learn, and not just the best way for schools to teach”*? What are the responsibilities of each of the protagonists in this context? The Bologna reform has (over)emphasized the independent student. Qualification has become a matter of collecting competences. Teaching is driven towards achieving pre-specified outcomes. The question of value is skipped. The increased emphasis on learning overrules the concerns of the educator, and targets towards a product.

More information will soon be available.

Image: courtyard of the NTUA School of Architecture, Athens © Michalis Gatzias