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EAAE Education Academy 3rd Workshop

School practices

#20170303_EAAE EA_3rd Workshop_Heading
2017-01-23  |  Proposals Submission Deadline
2017-01-31  |  Proposals Notification Acceptance

2017-01-09  |  Registration for Participation Opening
2017-02-17  |  End of Registration for Participation
2017-03-03  |  Workshop Opening and Day #01
2017-03-04  |  Workshop Day #02 and Closing


For all of you who are interested and engaged in architectural education, the next workshop of the EAAE Education Academy in Amsterdam, “SCHOOL PRACTICES” will be of great interest. More information about the topic can be found in the updated flyer.

We invite you to send us a proposal for presenting a trigger case, or to register for joining the debate and participating in the workshop (without giving a presentation).

Participation at the workshop is free – there are no fees – but registration is required. This can be done by writing an e-mail to workshop-eaae@ahk.nl

Participation at dinner is possible at your own expenses (40€). Reservation for dinner is required, please indicate it in your registration mail.

SOLD OUT! REGISTRATION IS CLOSED! (All available possitions have been registered. See you in a next workshop.)

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