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EAAE Annual Conference

For Example Delft: A case study discussed in the context of institutional profile(s) and the future of architectural education

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2016-02-28  |  Announcement
2016-08-31  |  Opening Poster Exhibition + Registration + Official Conference Opening
2016-09-01  |  Keynote Lectures and Seminars
2016-09-02  |  General Assembly and Academies Day
2016-09-03  |  Excursion to either Amsterdam or Rotterdam



Registration + Preliminary Program + Much More:  Click here to access the Official Website

The conference ‘For Example Delft’ addresses approaches in architecture education, their past, present & future in relation to professional practice and the architectural discipline. Using the example of Delft, the conference starts from the observation that the broad field of architecture and the built environment carries a (re)assembled character that has lost its Modern, structured and disciplinary way. Moreover the conference addresses the issue what architecture research currently means and upon which policies Delft as an institution has set eyes, for example with regard to its ambitions, organization and profile.

Conference registration will start 30 March 2016 – you will be able to find the link on the EAAE website, via google or EAAE2016@tudelft.nl.

Looking into the possibility of attending the event? Going back on the Introduction Lecture given by EAAE President Karl Otto Ellefsen in the previous Annual Conference held in Milan will make your decission.

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