Ongoing Projects (Research Academy)

Architectural Periodicals Database

This project establishes a continuity with the work done by the Periodicals Working Group of the EAAE Research Committee, in developing a database of architectural periodicals. Keeping this publication mapping updated is the first objective; giving greater visibility on the website to data collected, is the second. To complete the usefulness of this project, it is also proposed to show the topic diversity by discussing on publication policies (open access, peer review process…) and assessment (indexing). The collected data will allow the EAAE RA to provide a regular report on Architectural Publications. An Architectural Periodical Browser on the EAAE website is also proposed, as a novel and helpful tool for academics. The new database is available here.

Project Coordinator: Débora Domingo Calabuig

CA²RE+ Collective Evaluation on Design Driven Doctoral Training

The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership CA2RE+ develops a collective learning environment through Evaluation of Design Driven Doctoral Training. Design Driven Doctoral research (DDDr) is taken as a multidisciplinary example of an experiential learning-through-evaluation model, appropriate for identification and promoting relevance of research singularity, its transparency and recognition, to award excellence in doctoral training for creative and culturally rooted solutions of contemporary design driven developments. The CA2RE+ project starts in September 2019 and represents an upgrade of the CA2RE conferences. 

Project Coordinator: Tadeja Zupančič

Policy Paper

The policy paper on areas for research in architecture intends to identify areas within architectural education and practice where research funds are needed in order to expand and sustain the creative industry. It will present an argument for investing in niche areas to develop the architectural research capacity that will also have a pedagogic impact, feature an indicative case study section and propose criteria for awardees. The initial topics  of the policy paper development discussions from the RA 2019 events include and are not limited to:

  1. Critical masses of architectural research;
  2. Impact evidence of non-written production;
  3. Architecture as a recognized research discipline.

Please feel free to contact Tadeja Zupančič or Débora Domingo Calabuig and join the RA workgroup to make this policy paper relevant for all the EAAE member schools!