Council member

council member
since 2013

Chairman of EAAE / ARCC International Conference - Lisbon 2016

Representative of EAAE in the Organizing Committee of EAAE / ARCC International Conference - Philadelphia 2018

Manuel Couceiro da Costa is an associate professor at the FAUL, actually being it’s representative in the EAAE and in PTPC (Technological Platform for Portuguese Construction) and a CGQ (Quality Management Committee) member. He was a former Dean of school (2010 – 2012), President of Statutory Committee (2009), member of the Scientific Council and Vice-President of the General Assembly. His academic and research activities focus on applied geometry in relation to architecture and design and also on the new uses of cork in architecture.



+351 919313790


Faculdade de Arquitectura, Rua Sá Nogueira, Pólo Universitário da Ajuda
1349-055 Lisboa, Portugal