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The MACE project sets out to transform the ways of e-learning about architecture in Europe. It will integrate vast amounts of content from diverse repositories created in several large previous projects as well as from existing architectural design communities. 

MACE will provide a framework for community based services such as finding, acquiring, using and discussing about e-learning contents that were previously reachable only to small user groups. The project will build on top of several successful projects, including but not limited to DYNAMOINCOMWINDSARIADNE. In addition to that, three members of the consortium are main content partners who have access to a large number of content providers or are themselves associations of architects and universities dealing with architecture and design. Therefore the project reaches a critical mass of digital content that grants a significant impact on the EU scenario concerning architecture and cultural heritage, and will become a base for further community activity in these domains. The project will develop and use several types of metadata for tagging contents: traditional content metadata and ontologies, context metadata, competence metadata and learning process metadata, usage related metadata and metadata acquired through social interaction, e.g. recommendations by peer users or blog entries.

Close integration of universities as well as professionals ensures that demands from the user side are recognized and fitting solutions will be created. Since users are distributed across different countries in Europe, the project will address the multicultural and multilingual issues resulting thereof and create working solutions for sharing contents across borders.

Contact:   herman.neuckermans@asro.kuleuven.be