• EAAE Annual Conference and General Assembly
  • Call for council candidates, EAAE President and EAAE Vice-President
  • CA²RE
  • Methods and strategies to monitor and manage human impact on urbanized protected areas (UPAs)
  • Arkitektskolen AARHUS: Research Conference
  • International Conference on Urban Comfort and Environmental Quality
  • Facing Post-War Urban Heritage in Central and Eastern Europe
  • EAAE Education Academy 4th workshop


KARL OTTO ELLEFSEN, from Oslo (2015-o.a.s.)


Former EAAE Presidents

Hans Haenlein, from London (1975-1979)
Herbert Kramel, from Zurich (1979-1982)
Age Van Randen, from Delft (1982-1984)
Peter Jockusch, from Stuttgart (1984-1986)
Nils Ole Lund, from Aarhus (1987-1991)
Jean-François Mabardi, from Louvain-la-Neuve (1991-1994)
Hentie Louw, from Newcastle (1994-1995)
Pierre von Meiss, from Lausanne (1995-1997)
Constantin Spiridonidis, from Thessaloniki (1997-2000)
Herman Neuckermans, from Leuven (2000-2003)
James Horan, from Dublin (2003-2005)
Per Olaf Fjeld, from Oslo (2005-2008)
Francis Nordemann, from Paris (2008-2010)
Stefano Musso, from Genoa (2010-2012)
Urs Hirschberg, from Graz (2012-2013)
Karl Otto Ellefsen, from Oslo (2013-2015)