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EAAE Education Academy 3rd Workshop: “School practices”

Amsterdam (Netherlands), 03-04 March, 2017

Academy of Architecture Amsterdam

#20170303_EAAE EA_3rd Workshop_Highlight

The outcome of the workshop will be shared insights regarding “the place of learning” and the impact of roots and traditions on architectural education (for different parts of Europe, and in different contexts); shared insights in how (the) school can relate/is relating to that (view towards the impact of the) place of learning (for different parts of Europe, and in different contexts).

EAAE Education Academy invites you to attend the workshop, and participate in the debate.

Participation and registration:

If you want to attend the workshop, please register at: workshop-eaae@ahk.nl   (Registration ends on Friday 17 February)

Download updated full PDF, with more information about the workshop:   Download

SOLD OUT! REGISTRATION IS CLOSED! (All available possitions have been registered. See you in a next workshop.)

Final Program:

Download updated final program: Download

The organizing committee:

Madeleine Maaskant (Amsterdam Academy of Architecture)

Patricia Ruisch (Amsterdam Academy of Architecture)

Oya Atalay Franck (EAAE, Education Academy)

Pnina Avidar (EAAE, Education Academy)

Johan De Walsche (EAAE, Education Academy)

Riva Lava (EAAE, Education Academy)

Gunnar Parelius (EAAE, Education Academy)

Sally Stewart (EAAE, Education Academy)


Administrative support:

Marjoleine Gadella (Academy of Architecture Amsterdam)