• Theory’s history 196X – 199X
  • EAAE Council Meeting – Oslo
  • Re-ACT by Design
  • Journal of Technology | Architecture + Design
  • EAAE Education Academy 3rd Workshop
  • Open Positions at Aalto University
  • Impact by Designing
  • CA2RE
  • Incubators
  • Professional Practices in the Built Environment



The Education Academy focusses on three main themes:

Although these specific topics are identified, we do not consider them as separate projects. The academy aims to set out how the three areas would combine, what types of activity they might generate etc.

Each of these fields will have four components:

  • Mapping which research has already be undertaken;
  • Mapping the existing situation (starting from EAAE member-schools);
  • Reflecting upon the actual context;
  • Prospecting what should/could be done.